The Facade Blinds C80 shading system

Modern design and precise light control | high-level functionality

Basic information
Type of shading system Facade Blinds C80
Application Facades, glazing, exteriors
Materials Extruded aluminum cassette or protective sheet metal
Color range RAL palette
Mounting method external
Resistance to weather conditions yes
UV resistance yes
Moisture resistance yes
Available sizes Customized to facade and exterior dimensions
Technical parameters:
Roller blind sizes customized
Maximum width up to 4.5 meters
Maximum high up to 5 m cover plate version, up to 3 m flush-mounted version
Wind resistance class 3 wind class
Electric drive yes
Manual drive yes
Slat shape C
Adjustable slat angle from 0 to 180 degrees

Discover the Face Blinds C80

The Facade Blinds C80 is an innovative solution for those who seek functional protection against excessive sunlight and precise control over incoming light. Made of aluminum, C80 blinds are characterized by a modern design that blends perfectly with different types of facades and exteriors. Thanks to the ability to adjust the angle of the slats from 0 to 180 degrees, users can adjust the interior lighting according to their preferences, allowing for intimacy and comfort in the rooms.

Applications of the Face Blinds C80:

– On building facades to control sunlight and interior temperature, as well as to provide an aesthetic appearance of the exterior.

– In large glazing, to effectively regulate the amount of incoming light and prevent excessive heating.

– On the facades of public facilities such as offices, hotels and shopping malls to create a professional and modern look.

To whom do we recommend the Face Blinds C80?

Customers who value modern design and functionality in one solution.

Architects and investors who want to incorporate innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions into the buildings they design.

What kind of end customers should be interested in the Face Blinds C80?

Customers who require precise light control and privacy inside their home or office.

It is also suitable for those who are seeking a solution that effectively protects rooms from excessive sunlight and overheating.

More about the manufacturer:

The producer SELT Sp. z o.o. is a respected manufacturer of innovative shading techniques, known for their high quality and professionalism.

More about the advantages of the Face Blinds C80:

– Durable aluminum, moisture and UV resistance, ensuring long-lasting functionality and aesthetics.

– Precise adjustment of the angle of the slats, allowing full control over the amount of light in the rooms.


The Face Blinds C80 is an excellent solution for those who are looking for advanced sun protection and a modern design for facades and exteriors. Thanks to its advanced technical parameters, this shading system guarantees comfort and convenience of use, while giving the building a professional appearance. Choose the C80 Face Blinds to enjoy efficiency and elegance in your architectural projects.