Veranda shading system

Elegance and protection from weather conditions | excellent outdoor space

Basic information
Type of shading system Veranda system
Application external, internal
Material aluminum profiles and high-quality fabrics
Color range standard and RAL colour palettes
Mounting method vertical, on the structure, under the structure
Resistance to weather conditions yes
UV resistance yes
Moisture resistance yes
Technical parameters
Maximum width up to 4,5 meters
Maximum high up to 5 meters
Wind resistance class 2 wind class
Electric drive Yes
Manual drive No

Discover the Veranda shading system:

The Veranda shading system is an exceptional solution for those who want to create elegant and functional spaces outside their homes.  Thanks to aluminum profiles and high-quality fabrics, the Veranda system provides not only weather protection but also creates a unique place for relaxation and outdoor leisure. A variety of colors and customized sizes allow for full personalization, tailored to the customer’s needs.

Application of the Veranda shading system:

– On terraces and balconies to create a cozy and elegant space for relaxation and gatherings with family and friends.

– In cafes and restaurants to offer customers a comfortable outdoor space, regardless of weather conditions.

– In public spaces such as hotels, parks and plazas to provide protection and comfort to users.

To whom do we recommend the Veranda shading system?

Customers who appreciate an elegant appearance and functionality, combining them in the perfect design of the outdoor space.

Owners of restaurants, hotels and other service facilities who want to provide their customers with comfortable conditions outdoors.

What kind of end customer should be interested in the Veranda shading system?

Customers who dream of creating a spacious and stylish place on their terrace or balcony, allowing them to fully take advantage of the potential of the outdoor space.

It is also suitable for those who want to create a unique outdoor space that meets both aesthetic and functional expectations.

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If you’re interested in even more advanced technology and design, consider the Pergotenda Corradi shading system. This model offers innovative solutions and unique customization possibilities.

More about the manufacturer of the Veranda shading system:

The producer of the Veranda system is a respected manufacturer of high-quality shading systems, known for its innovation and attention to detail. The Veranda shading system is the result of their passion for designing outdoor spaces.

Read more about the advantages of the Veranda shading system:

– Sturdy construction of aluminum profiles, ensuring durability and resistance to weather conditions.

– High-quality fabrics, resistant to UV radiation and moisture.

Summary of the Veranda shading system:

The Veranda shading system is an excellent solution for those who want to create functional and elegant outdoor spaces for their home or business premises. Thanks to advanced technical parameters, this shading system guarantees comfort and ease of use for both individual customers and businesses. Choose the Veranda System shading system to enjoy beauty and protection when spending time outdoors, creating a unique atmosphere on your terrace or balcony.