Screen Roller Blinds 125

Effective protection and high performance | elegance at every stage

Basic information
Type of shading system Screen Roller Blinds 125
Materials cassette made of extruded aluminum with a circular cross-section
Colors RAL palette and a wide range of fabrics
Resistance to weather conditions yes
UV resistance yes
Moisture resistance yes
Technical parameters:
Wind resistance class up to 49 km/h, wind resistance class 3
Electric drive yes
Manual drive no
Maximum width 3.5 m
Maximum reach 4.25 m
Outdoor use yes
Internal use no

Discover the Screen Roller Blinds 125

The Screen Roller Blinds 125 is a modern solution for those who require maximum protection against excessive sunlight and complete control over the amount of light in their interiors. Made from fabric with a metallized coating, Screen Roller Blinds 125 provides effective thermal insulation, protecting rooms from overheating, while also ensuring privacy and comfort. The variety of patterns and colors allows for customization tailored to unique tastes and interior styles.

Applications of the Screen Roller Blinds 125:

– In windows and sliding doors to effectively control the amount of incoming light while maintaining intimacy and elegance.

– In spaces requiring advanced thermal insulation, providing comfortable conditions regardless of the season.

– In offices and commercial spaces to create professional and friendly work environments.

To whom do we recommend the Screen Roller Blinds 125?

Customers seeking advanced technologies and top-quality window shading solutions.

Investors and architects aiming to offer their customers effective and aesthetic solutions for light control in rooms.

What kind of end customer should be interested in the Screen Roller Blinds 125?

Customers who dream of creating elegant and functional interiors, fully utilizing the potential of natural light,

as well as those who value elegant solutions while also prioritizing maximum energy savings.

More about the manufacturer

SALT sp. z o.o. is a respected manufacturer of modern shading systems, known for excellent quality and attention to detail.

More about the advantages of the Screen Roller Blinds 125:

– High light reflection coefficient, allowing for sunlight control and maintaining comfort in the room.

– Durable fabric with metallized coating, resistant to moisture and UV radiation.


The Screen Roller Blinds 125 is an advanced solution for customers seeking excellent sun protection and an elegant design of their interiors. With advanced technical parameters, this shading system ensures comfort and easy use, creating pleasant and harmonious interiors. Choose the Screen Roller Blinds 125 to enjoy elegance, effectiveness, and a unique style in your interiors.