The Facade Blinds Z90

Efficiency and a modern design | the perfect solution for large glazing

Basic information
Type of shading system Facade Blinds Z90
Application Large glazed areas, facades
Material extruded aluminum
Color range RAL palette
Mounting method external
Resistance to weather conditions yes
UV resistance yes
Moisture resistance yes
Available sizes customized to dimensions of large facades and glazing
Technical parameters:  
Maximum width up to 4.5 meters
Maximum high up to 5m (in the case of sheeting, up to 3,5 m (in the case of built-in boxes)
Electric drive yes
Manual drive yes
Slat shape Z
Adjustable slat angle from 0 to 135 degrees
Column 1 Value 7 Column 2 Value 7
Column 1 Value 8 Column 2 Value 8
Column 1 Value 9 Column 2 Value 9

Discover the Z90 shading system

Z90 shading system is an innovative solution for customers seeking modern and efficient shading for large glazed areas. Made of aluminum, Z90 blinds provide excellent protection from excessive sunlight, while allowing precise control over the amount of incoming light. The application of Z90 facade blinds is particularly beneficial for large facades and glazing, where not only sun protection is important but also maintaining a modern and elegant appearance of the building.

Applications of the Z90 shading system:

– In office buildings and public facilities to provide effective protection from the sun and ensure comfortable working and usage conditions.

– In large shopping complexes and malls, where facades make up a significant portion of the building’s surface area, and at the same time it is necessary to ensure adequate protection from UV rays and prevent interior overheating.

– In recreational spaces, such as swimming pools and sports centers, to provide comfortable and aesthetically pleasing conditions for visitors.

To whom do we recommend Z90 shading system?

Customers who are looking for advanced solutions to protect large glazed areas.

Investors, architects and developers who want to create modern and functional buildings that meet high aesthetic standards.

What kind of end customer should be interested in Z90 shading system?

Customers who seek excellent lighting control and complete sunlight regulation within their interiors.

It is also suitable for those who appreciate modern design and want to emphasize the unique character of their architecture.

More about the Z90 shading system

The producer is a respected manufacturer of innovative shading systems, known for their high quality and professionalism. The Facade Blinds Z90 shading system is the result of their commitment to creating excellent solutions for customers.

More about the advantages Z90 shading system:

– Durable aluminum and resistance to weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

– High efficiency in light regulation, allowing the adjustment of light levels in rooms to individual preferences.


Z90 shading system is an excellent solution for customers who seek advanced solutions for protecting large glazed areas. Thanks to advanced technical parameters, this shading system guarantees efficiency and excellent design, creating a modern and professional appearance for the building. Choose the Facade Blinds Z90 shading system to not only achieve effective protection from the sun but also give your architecture a modern and elegant look.