Gealan Smoovio PVC window

Elegance in motion | an intelligent window for the future home

Basic information  
Weld V-Perfect
Number of pane 3
Number of seals 3
Uw coefficient 0.66
Profile depth 82 mm
Technical parameters
Brand Gealan
Uf 0.95
Ug 1.0
Uw 0.66
Frame depth 82 mm
Leaf depth 82 mm
Maximum leaf size 2,2/2,6 m2
Max. leaf weight 150 kg

Discover the Gealan Smoovio PVC window profile

Gealan Smoovio is a smart PVC window that revolutionizes the way we interact with our windows. Its modern design goes hand in hand with technology, enabling smooth and quiet opening and closing, adding elegance to any room. The achieved thermal transmittance coefficient of Uw=0.66 guarantees high energy efficiency while providing a pleasant and comfortable home environment.

To whom do we recommend Gealan Smoovio PVC windows?

For those looking for modern smart building solutions that combine functionality with innovation.

Interior designers and architects who value aesthetics and comfort of use in their projects.

What kind of end customer should be interested in Gealan Smoovio Windows?

Customers who want to invest in the future of their home by using smart technologies in their daily use.

Customers who require energy-efficient windows with a modern design that enhance quality of life and make an excellent investment.

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More about the manufacturer of Gealan Smoovio windows

Gealan is a renowned PVC window manufacturer known for its innovation and attention to quality. Gealan Smoovio is another proof of their commitment to creating innovative solutions for customers.

More about the advantages of Gealan Smoovio windows

– An intelligent opening and closing system that ensures smooth use of the window.

– Durable, with advanced thermal insulation, eliminating energy losses.

Summary of Gealan Smoovio Windows

Gealan Smoovio is a PVC window for those who are looking for innovative solutions that elevate the standards of home window use. Its intelligent design and advanced technical parameters will make every home more modern, energy-efficient and comfortable. This window is perfect for buildings of the future that combine functionality with elegance.