1. The online store operating under the ULR is run by the company; Fabryka Okien i Drzwi SAPOR sp. z o.o. , ul. Poznańska 39 Niepruszewo, 64-320 Buk, Tax Identification Number (NIP): 7772883776, National Business Registry Number (REGON): 300188112, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.


1. Only an adult person may be a client of the online store, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer.

2. The Buyer may place orders 24 hours a day via the webpage

3. The Buyer places and order by selecting a product he or she is interested in and configuring it as he or she wishes, within the limits of the available options of the configuration tool.

4. A product which the Buyer has configured and selected is ordered by using the “Add to Cart” option, and the Buyer provides all the required information in the “Order” section, going through the subsequent steps:

4.1. “Order”.

4.2. “Order form”.

4.3. “Delivery information”.

4.4. “Additional costs”

4.5. “Payment system”

4.6. “Purchase Summary”.

5. Registration is not required to shop in the online store.

6. By placing an order, the Buyer enters into the sales agreement for the ordered products with the Seller.

7. The Order is executed to the address provided by the Buyer during the ordering procedure.

8. The execution of an order starts when the payment is received to the account of the Seller and the order is effectively confirmed by the Buyer.

9. The Seller is not responsible for the failure to deliver the ordered product or for a delay in delivering and executing the order if the Buyer has provided an incorrect delivery address.

10. The Seller reserves the right to refuse the execution of the order if:

10.1. Errors appear in the placed order, for technical reasons, which may expose the Buyer or the Seller to losses.

10.2. The Customer Service does not receive the confirmation of the final order version from the Buyer.

10.3. The Buyer does not make the required payment.

10.4. The ordered product does not meet the requirements related to the warranty issued by the Seller.

10.5. The Seller is unable to execute the order for reasons beyond the Seller’s control.


1. Prices in the online store are expressed in euro and include VAT.

2. The price of a product given when the Client places an order is a binding and final price.

3. The Seller reserves the right to change a price if the configuration of a given product was changed after having placed the order.

4. Information about the total price of an order is provided after the Buyer fills in all the steps in the “Order” tab referred to in § 2(4).

5. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of products on offer, introduce new products to the offer, conduct and cancel promotional campaigns and sales.


 1. Payment methods for an ordered product:

1.1. Order:

a) The Buyer pays 50 % of the order value when placing the order, by a bank transfer to the Seller’s bank account provided by the Seller,

b) The Buyer pays the remaining 50% of the order value, by a bank transfer to the Seller’s bank account provided by the Seller, prior to the product dispatch.


1. The Buyer may make changes to the order until the commencement of the order execution.

2. Since all the products in the Online store are manufactured following an individual order of the Buyer, it is not possible to cancel or change the order after it is accepted for execution.

3. Changes can be made only through contact with the Customer Service, by phone or e-mail.

4. The Buyer must confirm each change in a placed order by signing the “Order Confirmation” and sending it by fax or e-mail to the Customer Service.



1. Order execution period is established on an individual basis for each Buyer.

2. The execution period is conditional on the type of ordered product, colour, type of glazing etc. The information about the execution period is available in the “Order Confirmation”.

3. The Buyer can collect an ordered product in person or it can be delivered for a fee to a provided address.

4. Due to the size and weight of the products, the Buyer must ensure that products will be unloaded at the place of delivery.

5. The Buyer is obliged to check the condition of the products in the presence of a delivering person.

6. The Seller does not take any responsibility for a delay which has not been caused by the Seller.



1. All products sold by the Seller have manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty terms and conditions are included in warranty documents delivered together with a product.

2. The period of repair under warranty does not extend the warranty period.

3. A time period which has passed between reporting a defect and installing a new element in place of a faulty one does not extend the warranty period.

4. The warranty entitlements include:

a) warranty repair of joinery elements

b) replacing particular elements of pvc and aluminium joinery.

5. It is the right of the Seller to choose the method of removing a defect in the joinery or its element (i.e. through repair or replacement).

6. The Buyer is obliged to immediately report any defects of joinery elements (complaint), the failure of which may result in losing the warranty entitlements. The Buyer is obliged to take any protective actions, if the circumstances so require, to prevent or limit the risk of loss connected with a defect in the opening joinery, and, at the same time, such protective actions may not violate the conditions and rules stipulated in the warranty terms and conditions.

7. Any products available in the Online Store are under warranty if:

a) they have manufacturing defects.

b) they were mechanically damaged during transport (with the exclusion of transport organised by the Buyer).

c) the product does not match its specification in the order.

8.The Seller will take a position regarding the Buyer’s complaint within 30 business days and inform the Buyer about a manner of dealing with it.

9. A necessary condition for the Seller to investigate the complaint is to submit to the Customer Service documents related to the product under complaint (description, photos, a video etc.) together with the copy of an invoice.

10. A warranty repair/replacement report is made after the completion of a warranty repair or replacement, which includes the following information: the type of a defect and a method used to remove it, the date of removal, an entity which has repaired or removed the defect. The report referred to in the above sentence is signed by the Buyer and the entity which has performed the warranty repair/removal.

11. It is unacceptable for defective elements of opening joinery to be removed, or for a defective element to be disassembled or repaired by an entity other than the Seller or the one selected by the Seller.

12. No products available in the Online Store are under warranty, if:

a) there are differences resulting from individual settings of the Buyer’s computer (colour, proportions etc.).

b) they have been mechanically damaged during improper installation or usage.

c) they have been damaged due to a long-term exposure to factors such as humidity, sun exposure etc.

d) they have not been subjected to proper periodic maintenance.

13. The Seller is not responsible for damage to products occurred during transport, which were not identified by the Buyer upon receiving them. When receiving products, the Buyer should check for damage in the presence of a delivering person.

14. Complaints related to damage made during transport without the included written report of damage or non-conformity, drawn up when the product was received and in the presence of a delivering person, will not be examined.

15. The Buyer loses the warranty entitlements if:

a) any changes or modifications have been made to the elements of pvc and aluminium joinery without the Seller’s consent;

b) any repairs have been made by entities other than the Seller or entities which have been previously selected and approved by the Seller;

c) the joinery has been installed improperly or in a manner which does not conform to the technical know-how;

d) joinery elements have not been used according to their purpose;

e) joinery has not been used in accordance with the Technical Description;

f) The Warranty Card is illegible, has been falsified, modified or there are justified doubts as to its authenticity;

g) The Buyer (or a third party) has disassembled the joinery or its element/elements.

16. The Seller:

a) is not responsible for damage to joinery or the elements thereof which result from random incidents beyond the Seller’s control (force majeure), e.g.: fire, flood, flooding of rooms, lightning discharges, military activities;

b) is not responsible for mechanical damage to glazing units

c) is not responsible for damage resulting from coarse cleaning agents, adhesive tapes, caustic chemical substances, acids or solvents.

17. The Seller’s responsibility is limited to deliberate fault. Moreover, the Seller is not responsible for the Buyer’s lost profits or other indirect costs related to damage made to the joinery.

18. The right to withdraw from the agreement does not apply in accordance with art. 10(3)(4) of the Act on services the properties of which are specified in the order placed by a consumer.  Such services include products made according to individual orders. In this case there is no possibility to make changes in the product specification or cancel the order during its execution.


1. The Seller guarantees the Buyer that the Buyer’s personal information which was provided during the placement of an order will be fully protected. In accordance with the applicable law, this information will be used only for the information and trading purposes.

2. The product configuration tool enables to select configuration, however not every configuration selected by the Buyer can be provided due to technical reasons – if such is the case, the Buyer will be informed about this when confirming the order.

3. Differences resulting from individual settings of the Buyer’s computer (colour, proportions etc.) cannot be treated as grounds for the complaint and returning the product purchased in the Online Store. In order to avoid such a situation, it is possible to receive colour samples – please contact the Customer Service in this matter.

4. Thermal insulation rate (Uw)  calculated with the use of the configuration tool is only a supporting value for the manufacturer when declaring thermal insulation for windows. The Online Store may not be liable for the result calculated by the configuration tool.

5. Prices given in the Online Store are valid only for the online offer.

6. Products purchased via the Online Store are not subject to return. These products are manufactured as single items and according to individual arrangements with the Buyer (dedicated production for an ordering party). It follows that the regulations which establish that items ordered online may be returned within 10 days from the date of purchase do not apply to such products.

7. Any issues not included in these rules and regulations will be dealt with on the basis of the Civil Code regulations.

8. Any disputes which may arise will be transferred by the parties to be settled by a competent common court.