Veka is a long-standing manufacturer of windows and doors, which offers top-notch technical solutions that are also very aesthetically pleasing. Cliches among our company were those who appreciated VEKA plastic windows, their very attractive price and considering their exceptional parameters.

What’s worth knowing about?

Main features are:

  • very high resistance to mechanical damage – it is related to the use of walls of greater thickness and permanent corners, which also eliminated cracking in welds;
  • highest resistance to deformation and stability – thanks to it it is possible to build VEKA windows with larger than standard dimensions and glass panes;
  • fixing screws are highly resistant to pulling out – up to 20% more compared to standard class B windows;
  • year-round solutions – PVC joinery retains its technical and aesthetic qualities even in the presence of extreme weather conditions (including: resistance to intense UV radiation, high temperatures, rain and snowfall, and many others );
  • solutions that adapt to the special needs of householders – thanks to a uniquely developed design around the clock, VEKA windows adapt to the conditions outside and affect the fact that you can feel comfortable at home (profiles are durable enough to prevent swelling);
  • high sound insulation, which ensures peace and quiet in the interiors;
  • savings – the PVC joinery offered by SAPOR is a high standard of thermal insulation, which allows you to retain heat in your home.

Only VEKA, only class A*

The latest generation of windows are available on the market, which provide the opportunity to create window joinery with ideal characteristics and highly functional technology. Among the many manufacturers, only VEKA is able to offer its customers unusual windows that meet the standards of energy efficiency and PN-EN 12608 in the highest class A*.

The thickness of the external walls of the woodwork is 3 mm. In turn, the width of the internal chambers is a minimum of 5 mm. These parameters are very important, as they provide reliable protection against cold and external noise. They also affect the durability and stability of the windows. By comparison, it is worth adding that B and C class aluminum or plastic windows are not so resistant to cracking and other damage. Deciding to buy already finished window joinery, it is impossible to check the class of profiles that were used to make them. Therefore, we guarantee that VEKA is only class A*, as the company does not produce windows of a lower class.

High class window joinery

VEKA PVC window joinery in Class A* is distinguished among products offered by competitors by the following parameters: internal chambers of 5 mm in width and internal walls of 3 mm in thickness. Up to 10% more PVC is used in their manufacture than is the case with B-class windows. Thanks to the aforementioned parameters, the following performance characteristics were obtained:

  • Due to the use of thick walls, a low susceptibility to damage was obtained. Strong connection of window corners, the strength of which is higher than those used in B and C classes, eliminated cracking in welds.
  • Stability at a high level. Window joinery shows increased stability of sashes and frames and resistance to various types of deformation, especially in the case of profiles with larger dimensions. VEKA is additionally solutions with 20% higher resistance to pulling out fixing screws compared to class B.
  • Significant resistance to temperature changes. This is quite an important aspect, especially in a climate like ours, where there are significant temperature fluctuations throughout the day. During the day, the window adapts to the heat, which increases with each hour, and at night it begins to drop rapidly. Within 24 hours, the woodwork swells, then shrinks, which can lead to stress – mainly in the corners. VEKA PVC windows have thick walls and strong corner joints, so high performance is maintained to eliminate the risk of cracking.
  • Sound insulation at an excellent level. VEKA window joinery is a guarantee of energy efficiency that means thermal comfort in the house. Thanks to these elements, noise coming from outside is effectively suppressed and heat does not escape from inside the building.

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