This is the most important piece of home equipment. They are functional, sturdy and resistant to the elements. They protect homeowners from burglary and the cold, and effectively suppress noise. Aluminum entry doors, also known as panel doors, are a choice for years to come that is sure to pay off. What should be kept in mind when buying them?

The first thing to look at when choosing an aluminum door is the heat transfer coefficient. It is best to choose a product with the lowest possible value – this way more heat will remain inside the building. The best model in this regard remains the low-cost aluminum panel doors with a UD coefficient of 0.66 W/(m2K), available in our offer.

The second important feature is waterproofing. It is what determines whether water will enter the apartment in the event of heavy rainfall. There are several watertightness classes for aluminum doors (on a scale from 1A to 9A). The higher the class, the better they protect the house from moisture. Aluprof, one of the most important distributors of entrance systems, offers panel models in Class 6A, which are distinguished by their affordable price and high quality workmanship.

Aluminum doors at an attractive price – check the offer!

We offer you filler panels, which we then install in the sashes based on the MB-86 and MB-79N system. They are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Individual elements can be further decorated, milled or made of glass.

The available aluminum panel doors can be made even in non-standard dimensions: up to 1.40 m wide and 2.60 m high. We are open to the individual requirements of our clients.

Above all, however, aluminum doors should match the design of the house, just like facades or aluminum windows. It all depends on how the interior is arranged. If you have opted for traditional solutions, sashes with glass panels or made of wood veneer will be ideal. For modern decor, it is better to opt for models in shades available in the RAL palette.