This solution was prepared primarily for commercial buildings, as well as commercial and retail buildings. Their external aesthetics is an extremely important element participating in building a positive image of the company – modern, open to innovation, dynamic and resilient. Window systems must also reflect this. Aluminum facades at a good price, which we offer you, are perfectly developed structures that provide all our projects with durability, stability and elegant appearance for years.

The most significant advantage resulting from the use of aluminum facades is the possibility of opening up the interior of the building to its surroundings. In this way, a sales or customer service showroom can participate in the life of the city while inviting the public into its interiors. This is an extremely important and desirable architectural solution – appreciated especially in crowded and bustling cities. However, it should be remembered that aluminum facades bring not only aesthetic changes. They also make it possible to cut off the noise coming from outside, as well as having an excellent effect on the thermal insulation of the building. This is the result of using the latest production technologies, which are appreciated by numerous consumers in the European market.

The aluminum facades that we are able to make for you in our Company will allow you to create a fantastic, modern and eye-catching building facade. We want this type of investment to fully harmonize with the profile of your business and the characteristics of the facility. Therefore, we do not limit our offer to only one model of aluminum facade. We are open to your expectations, so we offer:

  • post and beam models,
  • models prepared for curtain walls (of various types),
  • solutions prepared individually.

SAPOR is not only a company, but also a manufacturer. All the projects we carry out remain not only an elegant addition to the body of the building in question, but also a solid anti-burglary protection. The aluminum facades we offer are distinguished by their affordable price, as well as exceptional precision of workmanship, so that these solutions can successfully co-create a system of hermetic closure of the building.