Screen Roller Blinds 120

Effectiveness and light regulation | advanced solutions for comfort and privacy

Basic information
Type of shading system Screen Roller Blinds 120 / Ziiip 120
Application windows, terraces, glazing
Materials fabric with metallized coating
Colors RAL palette
Mounting method internal or external
Resistance to weather conditions Yes
UV resistance Yes
Moisture resistance Yes
Available sizes adapted to window dimensions
Flush-mounted cassette  Aluminum sheet equipped with a protrusion allowing for external plaster finishing
Cassette for flush mounting or facade installation Extruded aluminum
Guide rails extruded aluminum or stainless steel cable


Technical parameters
Wind resistance class up to 90 km/h, 6th wind class
Electric drive Yes
Manual drive No
Maximum width 4.0 m
Maximum height 4.0 m

Discover the Screen Roller Blinds 120

The Screen Roller Blinds 120 is a modern solution for those seeking effective light regulation and privacy in their interiors. Made of fabric with a metallized coating, Screen Roller Blinds 120 is characterized by high light reflection efficiency, which allows effective protection against excessive sunlight and overheating of rooms. The available variety of designs and colors allows you to match it to your preferences and interior design.

Applications of the Screen Roller Blinds 120:

– In the windows to control the amount of light coming in and maintain the right temperature in the rooms.

– On terraces and glazing to create cozy spaces for rest and relaxation.

– In rooms that require privacy, providing effective protection from the prying eyes of outsiders.

To whom do we recommend the Screen Roller Blinds 120?

Customers who are looking for an effective and functional shading system that allows them to adjust the amount of light to their needs.

Investors and architects who value aesthetics and innovative interior protection solutions.

What kind of end customer should be interested in the Screen Roller Blinds 120?

Customers who want to create comfortable and climate-controlled interiors while protecting against excessive sunlight,

as well as those who are looking for an effective solution that provides privacy and comfort.

More about the manufacturer

The SELT sp. z o.o. is a renowned manufacturer of innovative shading systems, committed to the quality and functionality of their products.

More about the advantages of the Screen Roller Blinds 120:

– High light reflection coefficient, ensuring effective sunlight and temperature control in rooms.

– Durable fabric with metallized coating, resistant to moisture and UV radiation.


The Screen Roller Blinds 120 is an excellent solution for those who require privacy in their interior and effective protection against excessive sunlight. Thanks to its advanced technical parameters, this shading system ensures comfort of use. Choose the Screen Roller Blinds 120 to enjoy functionality, aesthetics, and energy savings, all while creating pleasant and harmonious interiors.