Sectional doors are functional and striking solutions among the range of garage doors. They are constructed of closed profile sections made of galvanised steel sheet. The filling is made of flame-retardant, CFC-free polyurethane foam.

Sectional garage doors are manufactured to individual customer specifications.

The dimensions of the door can be adapted to a door opening whose height does not exceed 3000 mm and whose maximum width is 5000 mm. All door structural components are of galvanised steel. The walls of the door section are made of 0.5 mm thick sheet metal. Some designs have sheet thicknesses of up to 0.7 mm. The filling is made of flame-retardant, CFC-free polyurethane foam, which guarantees the safety and durability of our doors.

The torsion springs are also galvanised or powder-coated in RAL 9006. Their service life is 15,000 cycles and can be extended up to 25,000 cycles on request. The side ends of the segments are additionally galvanised and painted white, similar to RAL 9010, which significantly improves the aesthetics of the entire door.

Of the optional equipment, electric drives deserve special attention.

Even a manually operated sectional door opens comfortably and easily, as its weight is balanced by a torsion spring, mounted on the lintel. An overhead electric drive can be fitted to each garage door. As standard, the drive’s thrust is transmitted via a chain rail. As an option, this can be a plastic toothed belt (much quieter). In the event of a power failure, the use of an emergency release will be a great convenience.

More colour possibilities

How do you match the colour of the door to the colour of the windows or the building facade? Renolit woodgrain veneers can help. In addition to the basic gate colours, which are also available from many other manufacturers, we offer a choice of more than twenty shades of wood veneer or painting the gates in any RAL colour.

Not enough space to mount the door?

A 200 mm free lintel is required as standard for the installation of an Interflex sectional door, and if there is insufficient space, it can be as little as 70 mm when special low lintel guides are used. The side space for mounting the door is 100 mm per side. The design of the door is based on the patented ‘easy click’ system, ensuring very easy and fast installation. According to our evaluation, the assembly time of the Interflex sectional garage door, compared to doors of many other companies, can be almost halved! Every installer will immediately feel the change and notice the increased quality of the gate’s details.